HR Managers Are Turning To eCards To Improve Employee Morale

7 Reasons eCards Are Becoming Wildly Popular In Hybrid Companies

Are you an HR professional responsible for making sure your employee morale stays high? In this era of remote work, HR managers are still compelled to find ways to motivate and reward employees. Factoring in the current economic climate, HR managers are especially looking for cost-savvy ways to do this.  Not an easy task!

Great for Staff Appreciation and Morale


Aspen W.

Employee Relations & Personnel Management

There are a lot of tools and services that you can pay for to help improve your company culture.  One of the simplest and most effective ways to let an employee know that you appreciate them is to send them a group eCard!  This small token goes a long way in letting employees know their company is thinking about them and the rest of their colleagues are also thinking about them.

The best part about group ecards is that any number of people can sign them so it can be a collaborative showing of appreciation. You can have the card signed by an unlimited number of colleagues and they can call add personalized messages to them.  

Fun way to welcome new employees


Alicia E.

Operations Manager

Here Are 7 Ways Group eCards Improve Employee Morale:

1. It’s From The Team


Group eCards typically allow for an unlimited number of signatures.  An entire team, or even an entire company, can all add personalized messages to their signature.

..makes it super easy to recognize employees and their milestones and gives coworkers a chance to celebrate with them


Beatriz M.

People and Culture Generalist

2. Cost and Time Efficient


Group eCards typically cost a couple – few dollars (or you can get your first card for free at this link!).  The process of buying one and sending to your colleagues to sign takes minutes.

3. Delivery


You set the time and date it gets delivered to the recipient.  There’s no longer an explanation of “I’m not going to be here tomorrow, so I want to give you your gift now”.

4. Include A Gift Card


This is a fantastic option!  You typically have the option to add a gift card to any number of stores to a group eCard.  If the occasion calls for something more than an ecard you can add on a $10 Starbucks gift card or $200 Amazon or DoorDash giftcard.

5. All Occasions Are Covered


There are eCards for every holiday, life event and work occasion. Birthdays, Farewells, Thank You, Congratulations…you name it!

They can recognize their direct reports service recognitions, birthdays, education fulfillments, retirements etc…all life achievements we want to acknowledge


Kelly D.

Senior Human Resource Generalist

6. It’s Green


An environmentally safe way to share thoughtfulness

7. The Joy It Gives To The Recipient


Most importantly, it’s a special feeling to know other people are thinking of you.

I have been brought to tears with every one of the cards I have received and I cherish them dearly


Heather V.

Senior Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer


At GroupGreeting, we believe the world is a better place when people feel appreciated.  That is our mission: to help make it easy for people to share appreciation – one person one card at a time.


HR Managers from all over the world use our ecards to let their employees know they are appreciated and recognized, from small “mom and pop shops” to Fortune 100 firms.


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I have looked at alternatives and this is the best one out there


Miriam L.

HR and Office Manager

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